Some of my students have been kind enough to write a few words about my classes. I hope they will give you a flavour of my teaching style.

"Belinda's yoga class has always been pure escapism and pleasure. It also makes me feel like me again. Being a full time mum of two, that one hour a week that was just for me, helped calm my mind and my mothering." Rebecca, aged 38.

"Belinda is an excellent and sympathetic teacher. She's very supportive and encouraging, and as someone who only recently took up yoga I really value her inclusive approach – we are all equal in her eyes whether it's our first time or have been doing yoga for years. Yoga has made a real difference to my life, which comes a surprise as by nature I don't like exercise, but her class is easy-going and enjoyable. Belinda makes sure you are safe and supported even when the poses are a bit difficult for a beginner like me. Her class is a permanent fixture in my week and I wouldn't do without it." Zozi 40+

"I did a little bit of yoga as a child with my mother, and here I am years later taking it up and it's a real revelation. I love Belinda's classes and her approach to yoga as she is so welcoming and she explains new positions and sequences thoroughly and clearly. Belinda is a warm and encouraging teacher. I feel better able to relax and feel much fitter since I started yoga and I am surprised at what I am now able to do!" Jo, 46.

"I have attended Belinda's yoga classes for over two years. They are at the same time both wonderfully relaxing and energising. They have been a great boast to my general health and well being." Anne D.


Teaching yoga for health
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