Every body and each person's needs are different so a private session is an ideal opportunity to address any particular issues you may have, whether it be a bad back or stress. It is also a great way of deepening your practice or learning a particular aspect of yoga that you are interested in, such as relaxation or meditation.


I like to encourage my students to practise on their own so we can use a one-to-one to help you devise a home practice programme that suits you. For example, it might be that a ten minute practice every morning or before bed will be enough to enhance your wellbeing. I can adapt the home practice programme to your needs and lifestyle and give you written instructions to help you.


You may choose to have a one-to-one every week, or once a month. It’s up to you.


If the session is held in your home I charge from £45-£65 per 75 minutes, depending on your location. If you come to me the fee is £40. I can also teach couples or two friends, provided that their needs are not too different.


I believe that yoga is for everyone and can benefit every body and every mind.
If you think your fitness, health or finances are a barrier to coming to a class or a one-to-one, please contact me so that we can arrange a practice that works for you.


Contact me on 0777 558 2820 or email me at


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