My teaching is based on some of the ancient founding principles of yoga – strength and softness, engaging with the breath and finding ease in the postures.

I believe it's important to work from the ground up – to learn the basics properly first and be aware of comfort and discomfort as we go along. Many people miss the deeper benefits of yoga by jumping straight into a fast-paced class before learning how to do the asanas correctly and appropriately for them.


For me, yoga fundamentals are body awareness and the breath, the quest for ease and remembering to take our time. We need to listen to our bodies to know whether an asana is right for us at any given time, whether we need to modify it or perhaps let go of some tension. Exploring the breath through pranayama and simple breathing practices is a key part of the process. When we find our breath in the body we can learn to move with its gentle flow. In time it can help us find ease both in postures and in life.


A good teacher will remind you that yoga is not a competition. It's not about anyone but you. It's not about having a 'great body' or being super flexible, it's about enhancing your wellbeing and leaving you feeling better at the end of a practice than you felt at the beginning.

Teaching yoga for health
and wellbeing in
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