about me

I first started yoga as a teenager due to persistent back pain. At first it just felt good to stretch; gradually I began discovering all yoga's other benefits. It helped keep me calm and focussed – and helped me manage pain – during a 15-year career as a journalist under the pressure of tight deadlines and international travel.


I began training as a hatha yoga teacher in 2007 on the British Wheel of Yoga's two and

a half year course covering anatomy and physiology, first aid, asanas, philosophy, pranayama and meditation. Since qualifying I have done further study in anatomy, yoga

for pregnancy, yoga for back pain and relaxation techniques.


Over the years I have practised many styles – Iyengar, Anusara, Viniyoga and Ashtanga to name a few – and have had some wonderful and inspiring teachers. My personal style is a blend of what I have found most healing, empowering, uplifting and relaxing in the huge spectrum of practices that makes up hatha yoga today.


I particularly value the teachings of those who believe that yoga should be tailored to the individual and that slowing down, taking our time and seeking ease in life as in our yoga practice leads to the most profoundly-felt benefits.


Teaching yoga for health
and wellbeing in
North London